Tuesday, August 31, 2010


SUPER SIZING ALIVE AND WELL at NATION'S CHAIN RESTAURANTS is extreme eating alright! Of course the eateries don't call them super-sized. They're just the typical servings we now think of as normal. With so many adults and children overweight or obese, you'd think that restaurants would have some interest in keeping their patrons alive and dining out longer. 

Before I started THE FRESH DIET, I noticed that a few of the restaurants had a calorie chart along with their menus. Patrons could take a peek at just how much they were consuming. You'd think, having to show a chart, they would cut down on high calorie items, or drop them altogether.

A typical serving of steak (like all other meats) is only 3 ounces cooked (or 4 ounces raw), says the USDA. Really?
On mid-priced steakhouse menus (which list raw weights), a ribeye is typically 14 oz. That cooks down to 11 oz., nearly four times the USDA serving. That's why a 14 ouncer from Outback, LongHorn, or Lone Star brings about 1,000 calories to your plate!!!! Most New York strip, sirloin, and other boneless steaks range from 8 to 14 oz. 
The good news: many chains now offer 6 oz. sirloin steaks, which cook down to 41/2 oz. That's within sight of the USDA's elusive 3 oz. serving. 

SEE THAT BURGER UP THERE... A burger weighs 5 oz. says the USDA. That would work if the bun were 2 oz. and the meat were 3 oz. Other than a Burger King Whopper Jr. (5 oz ) or McDonald's Quarter Pounder (6 oz), good luck finding one of those babies!
A McDonald's Big Mac or Big N' Tasty weighs about 7 oz. An Angus Burger weighs 11 oz. That's closer to what you're likely to get at most sit-down restaurants.
If you can even FIND a burger with no cheese or bacon, like Chili's Oldtimer Big Mouth, you're still talking a 5 oz. (cooked) patty and a 4 oz. bun. That explains the Oldtimer's 880 calories.  (Make it 1,260  if you eat the fries that come on the side.)  YIKES!!!
If 1,200 + calories for a sit-down restaurant burger plus fries seems unusually steep, it's not. The other Chili's Big Mouth Burger (with fries), for example clock in at 1,500 to 2, 140 calories plus 21 to 44 grams of saturated fat and 3,330 to 6,710 mg of sodium. 
Big Mouth eventually turns into Big Bellies....and Big coronaries. Yikes, Yikes and Yikes!!!

NOW...I would rather just have THE FRESH DIET take care of everything for me, and they do it SO well. Nutritious, healthy and scrumptious meals. I don't have to count calories or measure portions. They do it with such style and class.  You can't get any classier than THE FRESH DIET'S Executive Chef Yosef Schwartz, a graduate of the world-renowned Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. He and his team develop menus that fulfill The Zone Diet's 40/30/30 nutritional balance. It is designed to promote lean body mass, weight loss, decreased carb craving, lowered blood sugar levels, increased energy, and improved mental clarity. 
It's SO easy THE FRESH DIET way.  

Grilled Wild Mahi Mahi on Ciabatta Bread with Lettuce, Tomato & Thousand Island Dressing.What could be more satisfying for lunch than this crusty seeded bun with such a very tender filet! It was very delicious!

Baked Chicken Florentine with Spinach & Parmesan Cheese with Yellow Lentil Ragout and Haricot Vert is one of my very favorite meals. Who knew Lentils could be so tasty!!!

Here's just about everyone's favorite TFD offerings, The CHEESE CAKE!! This one is a Honey Almond Cheese Cake. So smooth and creamy with a delicate crunchy crust. What a winner!

Monday, August 30, 2010


THE FRESH DIET has opened the door for me in ways I would never have imagined. I had tried so many diets in the past; I didn't really have any faith that it would have a life changing effect as it does. 
I was rather distraught when I started. I was under so much stress due to a few health problems I was having as well as having to deal with a problem Laurence Curtis was going through. I'm his private duty nurse. I've been taking care of Laurence Curtis, who is a quadriplegic for 32 years.
I started on THE FRESH DIET on Feb. 8, 2010. I bought a month's worth. A very nice cooler bag  
 was delivered to a location, specified by me, at my front door. It was packed with food for the whole day: breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert all kept cold with ice packs.  I can't begin to describe this thrill I got opening the bag to find all these meals that looked so delicious. It was so exciting not to have to prepare my meals for a month!! When Laurence saw the FRESH DIET bag and food, he was impressed. I asked him if he would like to order too. He said he would wait and see how I did with it for a month. It didn't take him long to try little samples of mine now and then.
 After about three weeks on THE FRESH DIET I noticed not only weight loss but my health problem (a Spastic Colon) was calming down. By the end of the month, I was ready to order a few more months because by then the spastic colon was kept at bay, and I had lost 10 pounds. Because of menopause I had also gained weight that I had trouble managing. So this weight loss was a plus.  When Laurence saw all these changes, he now decided to give it a try too.  I was really happy that he was going to take advantage of a special THE FRESH DIET was offering at the time. 
Laurence was having very serious problems of his own. Quadriplegics are very susceptible to  Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD). The treatments I was giving him three times a week weren't working properly lasting 5 to 6 hours instead of 1/12 to 2 hours and causing AD. This had been going on for a few months.
 AD is a potentially life threatening condition which can be considered a medical emergency requiring immediate attention. Acute AD is a reaction of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system to overstimulation. It is characterized by severe high blood pressure, associated with throbbing headaches, profuse sweating, nasal stuffiness, flushing of the skin bove the level of the lesion (T6), bradycardia, apprehension, and anxiety, which is sometimes accompanied by cognitive impairment.
This had me in tears at times and was causing great stress not only for the two of us but his Doctor as well. 
This had brought the suggestion by the doctor that Laurence start thinking about having surgery for a Colostomy. This was not something Laurence wanted for the rest of his life.
While Laurence was on THE FRESH DIET for the first month, I began to see some improvement in his treatments. Diet has a very big effect on these treatments and THE FRESH DIET was providing what he needed. THE FRESH DIET  has created a program based on nutritionally sound principles, with the optimal balance of 40% quality carbs including garden fresh vegetables, 30% protein, and 30% favorable fats based on Dr. Sears' Zone Diet.  Laurence began feeling more energetic and as the first month turned to a second month on this program his treatments were getting more and more "normal".  He was also experiencing more mental clarity. At that time, he went through a complete physical exam by his Doctor at the V. A. Hospital and they were so excited with all the results that came in showing him to be of sound health. All his tests and blood work came in showing normal statistics. 
This was VERY good news that meant the Colostomy was now on the back burner.
By this time we had been on THE FRESH DIET for at least 3 months and I had lost another 15 pounds. I was as slim as I wanted to be, actually having a lean body mass, no more problems of my own. 
We both decided to remain on THE FRESH DIET to maintain our weight and stay in good health by keeping our medical concerns at bay. I have now been on THE FRESH DIET for 6 months and Laurence for 5 months and we feel great. EAT WELL...BE WELL!



                                      Tony touring the Coast of Oregon

I have to open this bag and let it all out for now.  Why? September is almost here and that's what I call it, "A mixed bag of emotions".  Very happy memories and a very tragic one. So, let's get to it.
The tragic memory, so I can concentrate on the good ones after.
The photo you see here is my son, Tony. He was born on September 12, 1970.  He's so much his mother's son. Always wakes up in the morning ready to start his day on a happy note, with that ready smile of his. See the smile you see in that photo, that's the one.  His arms wide open for that squeezing bear hug when he sees me.  I remember when he was 3 years old, he told me,  "When I grow up, I'm going to buy you a Diamond Dress." Such a sweetheart.

As I do, he sees art and beauty in everything around him. As you also see in this photo, he's enjoying the beauty of nature and the sun on his face. As his co-worker once said,  he stops the car on his way to work, just to exclaim how beautiful the view is, for just a moment, then continues on his way.

He loves fun and is always ready for another adventure. In this photo he's 33 years old, but, let me tell you a little story when he was a young teen. His dad had bought him a dirt bike and he would go into the woods in the back of the house and ride the dirt trails. One day he wanted me to come, so I did, big mistake! He wanted me to try his bike and said it was easy. Just get on it and do this and that, whatever it was. Well, a few things he forgot to mention, and I ended up flying into the air with it and landing on a pile of rocks. Lucky me, no broken bones, just some very sore parts, a few cuts and bruises. Hahaha! That's what I got for not asking enough questions.

He has many many friends and the party usually starts when he walks into the door, so full of life.

From the time he was a little boy, he loved art and was good at drawing and sketching. As he got into his teens he liked sketching album covers of his favorite rock stars. Later he got into art using different mediums. I wish I had a few of his paintings. He loves using strong colors in his art.

All this, I'm afraid, is all in the past. My only son that I loved more than life itself, took his own life on September 19, 2004, a week following his 34th birthday.  How could anyone so full of life, so vibrant always showing such a happy face, hide so much deep despondency inside. Unbeknownst even to his closest friend.

Now the happy memories that September holds.

My first grandchild, Emily, was born on September 11, 1998 to my daughter, Christine. Emily and her younger brother Matthew, born Feb. 11, 2001 are both the joys of my life. I see a lot of beautiful creativety coming from these two. They also have a love of art. I've received many drawings, sketches and handpainted plates, bowls, nickknacks, as well as framed pieces of art.
They came to visit from 3000 miles away last month and together we painted clay pots for the garden.
I consider myself rich for the love of my daughter and her two children.

September is also a birthday month for four of my friends, so there is much to celebrate. I will end this post on this happy note and look forward to these birthdays and the fun they will bring in celebrating them.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let me introduce you to my 2 girls, Nikki on the left who will be 13 in Oct. and Lily on the right who is 4. They are West Highland White Terriers ( Westies). Don't let that cute look Lily has fool you, she's no push over, she's THE BOSS. 
They let me know, as soon as dinner is over,  it's time for their daily jaunt into the wild wild Paradise out there, just waiting for them to explore. If I'm not fast enough to get out the door, Lily will bang on the shutter doors, turn over waste baskets and launch her body at me to let me know she wants out! Then, the fun begins! Watch out world...here she comes! She's most definitely the leader of any gang. Doesn't miss a thing along the way. Sniffs everything in sight, and ready to chase lizards, birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, anything that moves. To her dismay, she can only go as far as the leach lets her.
She does love to please.  
A little story here: 
We have a lot of garden areas in the yard. Lots of trees, flowers and flowering shrubs....so lots of birds. Lots of birds ...lots of bird nests. 
One day a little baby bird was trying out it's wings for the first time. She flew down to the ground for a rest.  Lily spotted the baby and at the speed of lightening grabbed it with her mouth.  I screamed to her to drop it! Lily looked up at me immediately and dropped the baby bird a little dazed but unharmed. I was amazed! Now if it would have been Nikki, she would have quickly tried to kill it before I had a chance to save the bird.


About 6 months ago, I was forwarded an email from a friend. It was an e-mail from THE FRESH DIET. It's a gourmet food home delivery program that provides FRESH food, not frozen or vacuum-packed or freeze-dried. Delivered daily at your front door. All meals and snacks for the day.
Created by Cordon Bleu Chef with menus that fulfill The Zone Diet's 40/30/30 nutritional balance, with an "Eat Only What You Love" philosophy. The Zone Diet is designed to promote lean body mass, weight loss, decreased carbohydrate craving, lowered blood sugar levels, increased energy levels and improved mental clarity. The Fresh Diet makes all easy and wonderfully flavorful.
You don't have to do a thing, they do it all for you.  No more meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup.
Everything is done online. You select the meals you like out of a list of choices. If you have questions or need customer service a concierge is available 24/7. A Zone Perfect Certified Nutritionist understands how to adapt the program to special needs with your physicians approval. In fact, The Fresh Diet is about more than weight loss, it's about optimal nutrition.

Visit  www.thefreshdiet.com      call 866-FRESH-50 (866-373-7450)

I did just that in Feb. of 2010. The first month I lost 10 pounds, the second month, I lost 8 pounds, the third month I lost 7. That was all I wanted to lose. I'm still on it for maintenance and improved health.
I was plagued with a Spastic Colon since I was in my 20's . I have a special diet for it, and when it flares up I follow it. Before Feb. it flared up and the diet for it no longer worked. That was when I started on The Fresh Diet. It worked for my Spastic Colon by keeping it at bay.

I feel so energized and now have a lean body mass. I feel healthy! EAT WELL...BE WELL!